Stop the bans — protect abortion rights

Today, May 21, on the National Day of Action to Stop Abortion Bans, pro-choice protests are being kicked off in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and will continue around the country the rest of the week.On Sunday, protesters filled the streets in front of the Alabama capitol in Montgomery, protesting

Equality wins in the House

Amid a week in which women’s rights were viciously attacked in several states, equality won big in the U.S. House, which just today passed the Equality Act by a solid majority vote of 236-173. The bill would at long last amend the Civil Rights Act to “prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gen

Mayday, Mayday! Roe, women’s rights in grave peril

Alabama’s anti-abortion governor has just signed into law a ban on abortion, with the intent to set the stage for a showdown at the U.S. Supreme Court. Women’s reproductive rights in the United States are in grave peril.While Alabama’s blatantly unconstitutional law will likely end up going nowhere

Conservative justices are killing the rule of law

Roe v. Wade is in danger, Supreme Court justices (those not in the five-member conservative bloc) are warning the country.But it’s not just Roe. Many of America’s cherished rights are threatened by President Trump’s Supreme Court, including the wall of separation and religious freedom.On Monday, the

Dodgeland excises religious language after FFRF alert

A Wisconsin school district has revamped its field trip form and policies after the Freedom From Religion Foundation alerted officials to religious language.A concerned Dodgeland School District community member contacted the state/church watchdog to report that students and parents were asked to si

FFRF will be represented on Capitol Hill

Mark Dann will join the staff of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) on Monday, May 20, as its first full-time director of governmental affairs. Dann previously worked as the director of governmental affairs for the Secular Coalition for America (SCA). He has also served as the federal affai

Texas AG office smears FFRF

A theocratic official in the Texas attorney general’s office is busy maligning the Freedom From Religion Foundation.Texas First Assistant Attorney General Jeff Mateer sent a letter yesterday to San Jacinto County Commissioners, applauding their decision to maintain four large Christian crosses on th

FFRF’s Steve Pinker ad on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ rest of May

Steven Pinker’s ad endorsing the Freedom From Religion Foundationad endorsing the Freedom From Religion Foundation will air nationally on “CBS Sunday Morning” three Sundays in a row, starting Mother’s Day, May 12.The distinguished Harvard professor and best-selling author, who serves as FFRF’s first