FFRF debuts Solstice display in N.H. capital

FFRF member Jack Shields debuted a freethinking holiday display in New Hampshire’s capital this week.The display, set up outside the capitol building in Concord, is FFRF's 6-foot-tall whimsical Bill of Rights "nativity." The irreverent graphic by artist Jacob Fortin depicts Founding Fathers Benjamin

Nonbelief Relief makes $80,000 in donations

Nonbelief Relief, Inc., a charity established to do good in the name of nonbelievers, has announced its final gifts for 2018 — and for the foreseeable future. It has given $80,000 this December for six important causes.NBR ‘s new grants include $20,000 to aid Yemenis ($10,000 each to International R

FFRF honors Bill of Rights Day in whimsical NY Times ad

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is placing a whimsical ad with an urgent message in the Sunday New York Times, in honor of Bill of Rights Day — the anniversary of its Dec. 15, 1791, ratification. The full-page ad will appear in the main news section.The colorful ad, headlined “Joy to the World

FFRF adds Solstice message to Atlanta media campaign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation debuted a Solstice message this December as part of its 2018 Billboard campaign in suburban Atlanta.Two digital billboards have gone up with secular holiday messages reading: “At the Season of the Winter Solstice MAY REASON PREVAIL.”One digital billboard is locat

FFRF offers advice on country’s suicide problem

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has concrete suggestions on how to tackle the suicide crisis in this country.FFRF is offering its input in response to public comments requested regarding the implementation of the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act of 2018. The secular group highlights the

FFRF freethinking banner in N.Y. park counters religion

A New York freethinking organization has once again unfurled a Freedom From Religion Foundation banner at a local park to balance religion there.The Freethinkers of Hastings-on-Hudson recently put up FFRF’s “Reason’s Greetings” banner in VFW Park in the New York village. Next to it, the group has al

FFRF brings secular display back to Indiana

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and local member Geoff Snyder have brought a Bill of Rights “nativity scene” back to South Bend this Solstice season.The scene is actually a cutout of Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, along with the Statue of Liberty, ga

FFRF Reason Station makes its reappearance in Warren, Michigan

Reason is celebrating Winter Solstice in a small Michigan town.The Reason Station, staffed and organized by Freedom From Religion Foundation activist Douglas Marshall, has been observing Solstice in the Warren, Mich., City Hall for the fourth season running. This commemoration is the result of a pro