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FFRF protests Christian parking privilege in Austin

Screenshot via KXANThe Freedom From Religion Foundation is objecting to unconstitutional religious discrimination at a high school in Austin, Texas. FFRF contacted the district regarding allegations that as part of James Bowie High School’s “Senior Reserved Painted Parking Spaces” program for studen

FFRF highlights Tenn. politician’s theocratic beliefs

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is calling out a Tennessee state senator and congressional candidate for his religion-based opposition to government social programs.A concerned constituent recently alerted FFRF to a video in which state Sen. Mark Green explained in the following way his opposit

FFRF urges Denver to get out the secular vote

A 14-by-48 feet billboard went up this week in Denver on the corner of Lincoln Street and Eighth Avenue featuring young atheists with the message “I’m an atheist and I vote.”As anticipation mounts for November’s mid-term elections, these billboards serve as timely reminders of the importance of gett

FFRF celebrates secular Constitution Day with ad in Portland Oregonian

The national Freedom From Religion Foundation and its Portland chapter are placing a full-page advertisement in the Sunday Portland Oregonian celebrating “Our godless Constitution” and Constitution Day.Monday, Sept. 17, is the 231st anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.The ad, featur

FFRF slams Huckabee and Citizens United for their smear letter

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is taking Mike Huckabee and the Citizens United Foundation to task for scurrilously using its name as a fundraising gimmick.FFRF has obtained a recent letter that Huckabee wrote for the Citizens United Foundation (yes, that Citizens United). The undated letter en

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