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FFRF applauds NY AG’s lawsuit against Catholic Church abuse

The Freedom From Religion Foundation applauds the New York Attorney General’s Office announcement today that it has filed a lawsuit against the Buffalo Diocese over failure to report more than two dozen priests credibly accused of sexual assault. The lawsuit alleges that the church failed to report,

FFRF constitutionally tutors N.C. Rep.-elect Cawthorn

The youngest new member of Congress needs some help understanding the constitutional principle of separation between state and church, so the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a leading state/church watchdog, has obliged with some free lessons.FFRF Director of Strategic Response Andrew Seidel has se

“Holy Spirit” may not guide policy, FFRF tells Tenn. mayor

Personal religious beliefs cannot be the basis for decisions regarding public health policy, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has warned a Tennessee official. According to local news reports, Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman recently recognized that requiring county residents to wear masks in pu

Get rid of religious badge, FFRF suggests to Calif. sheriff

You need to change your badge design, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is advising a California sheriff.A county resident conveyed to the national state/church watchdog a concern over the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office’s badge, which depicts a religious mission with a Latin cross on top. As has

Biden administration must prioritize judiciary, urge FFRF & other groups

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and dozens of other national organizations are advising the incoming administration on how to effectively prioritize judicial appointments, in the wake of court packing by the Trump administration.Senate Republicans have confirmed over 200 extremist judges to lif