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It’s unconstitutional to bail out churches, FFRF and others remind senator

The Freedom From Religion Foundation and other religious freedom watchdog organizations are informing a prominent senator that it is against the Constitution to bail out religious entities — even in the current crisis.American Atheists, Center for Inquiry, Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and

FFRF welcomes police action against religious scofflaws

Law enforcement across the country is cracking down on renegade preachers defying coronavirus restrictions — and that’s the way it should be, affirms the Freedom From Religion Foundation.Zealous ministers nationwide are denying the science of preventive measures and the authority of the state to enf

MyPillow CEO misused official coronavirus forum, asserts FFRF

A prominent CEO misappropriated a White House coronavirus event to sermonize to the country, contends the Freedom From Religion Foundation.Concerned American citizens, including many of FFRF’s 31,000 members across the nation, contacted the state/church watchdog after watching MyPillow CEO Mike Lind

Judge moots FFRF lawsuit over W.Va. bible class

A federal judge has dismissed the claims of a mother who, with the support of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has been challenging religious indoctrination in a West Virginia school system. Because those classes were suspended as a result of FFRF’s litigation, the court ruled the lawsuit is mo

Texas theocrats use pandemic to cause irreparable harm to women

The Freedom From Religion Foundation condemns Texas’ reigning theocrats, Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton, for causing irreparable harm to the women of their state under the pretext of containing the coronavirus pandemic.The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals just issued a ruling over