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African freethinking pioneer on “Freethought Matters” this Sunday

A leading African freethinker is interviewed on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” television interview show this Sunday. Roslyn Mould, a pioneer of freethought in Africa, is the former president of the Humanist Association of Ghana and coordinates the West African Humanist

State/church separation dealt major blow in 11th Circuit cross ruling

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today issued a ruling upholding the constitutionality of a massive Latin cross on city property in Pensacola, Fla.Circuit Judge Kevin Newsom, writing for the unanimous three-judge panel, wrote that the 34-foot-call Christian cross in Bayview Park “has evolved i

Stop N.Y. teacher from denying evolution, FFRF insists

A New York school district needs to ensure that a teacher ceases spewing religious anti-evolution propaganda at a local high school, says the Freedom From Religion Foundation.A concerned parent whose child attends Holland Patent High School in the Holland Patent Central School District has informed

FFRF announces student winners of art contest countering new Ky. law

The Freedom From Religion Foundation proudly announces the winners of its student art contest protesting a Kentucky law requiring the posting of “In God We Trust” in every public school.Marilyn Buente, 16, and Kate Benton, 17, both high school juniors of Louisville, will split the $500 prize as coll

Author Katherine Stewart at FFRF’s 2020 convention — Sign up now

Katherine Stewart, a journalist and author of a number of books exposing Christian Nationalists, will be a part of the stellar line-up at the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s convention in November. That line-up includes Margaret Atwood and Gloria Steinem.The gathering takes place the weekend of N

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