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Christian Nationalist crusade Project Blitz tries to rebrand as it loses ground

A shadowy coalition of Christian Nationalists that has for the past few years been crusading to legislate religion in every state is attempting to refurbish its image.The coalition has till now labeled itself “Project Blitz” and has published two handbooks for Christian Nationalist legislators. Now,

FFRF urges Virginia public school to remove religious sign

A high school in Max Meadows, Va., must remove a large prayer display from its lunchroom, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is urging.A concerned community member has contacted FFRF to report that Fort Chiswell High School displays a religious prayer on a large placard in its cafeteria. It reads:

FFRF blasts Wisconsin’s proposed National Bible Week resolution

The Wisconsin Assembly is poised to vote Tuesday on a highly inappropriate resolution “recognizing Thanksgiving week as National Bible Week in Wisconsin.”Imagine the uproar were the Legislature to promote “National Quran Week in Wisconsin.” It is equally wrong for legislators to promote their own re

Protagonist of landmark state/church case on FFRF TV show this Sunday

A key player in one of the most important Supreme Court cases in Establishment Clause history is interviewed on the latest episode of the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Freethought Matters” TV show. Dan McCollum was a boy in the 1940s when his mother filed a lawsuit to halt religious indoctrina

FFRF applauds judgment blocking dangerous Trump administration rule

The Freedom From Religion Foundation applauds a federal judge’s nationally significant decision yesterday that has struck down President Trump’s “conscience clause” rule permitting health care workers to discriminate.The 147-page decision by U.S. District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer of the Southern Dis

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Dan McCollum: Champion of the First Amendment

"This is not a Christian nation. It’s about damn time we take it back" - Andrew L Seidel