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FFRF calls out multiple violations in Fla. district

Hillsborough County Public Schools must address numerous constitutional violations occurring in the district, a national state/church watchdog is urging.Robinson High School has reportedly allowed Ron Satterwhite, director of missions for the Mount Salem-Wyaconda Southern Baptist Association, to ac

Supreme Court voucher case not about choice, FFRF’s Andrew Seidel contends

Andrew L. Seidel, FFRF’s director of strategic response, has written an op-ed for Religion Dispatches about the Supreme Court’s school vouchers case, which it heard today. In the article, called “School Voucher SCOTUS Case Isn’t About Choice, It’s About Coerced Support for Religion,” Seidel writes:B

Supreme Court should recognize real issue in Espinoza case, FFRF urges

The U.S. Supreme Court should appreciate the real issue at stake in the Espinoza voucher case, the Freedom From Religion Foundation urges as oral arguments start Wednesday in the lawsuit.FFRF’s 18-page friend-of-the-court brief, filed in November jointly with Center for Inquiry, American Atheists an

Gloria Steinem showcases FFRF’s 2020 convention

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is delighted to announce that legendary activist Gloria Steinem will be appearing at its annual national convention in San Antonio in November.Steinem will receive FFRF’s “Forward” Award, which is reserved for those who are moving society forward. The award inclu

Trump’s school prayer photo-op left out most common victims

President Trump held an event yesterday designed to create the phony impression that religious students and teachers are routinely discriminated against in our public schools. A diverse group of children and adults, including Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and White House evangelist Paula White, cl

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