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FFRF has Gideons barred from Ga. school district

A Georgia school district has stopped the Gideons from distributing bibles in a number of schools after the Freedom From Religion Foundation raised several objections. Many parents reported to the national state/church watchdog that Ebenezer Elementary School and Marlow Elementary School in the Effi

Texas Lt. Gov. offers absurd religious diversion

In a time of national turmoil, it’s more than dismaying to see the second-highest Texas state official peddle religious snake oil.Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick took to Fox News to preach Christianity last night, a move the Freedom From Religion Foundation condemns.Patrick joined Fox ostensibly to discuss for

Illinois city erases cross from mural after FFRF protests

An Illinois city has removed a Christian cross from a city-owned mural primarily viewed by public school students after the Freedom From Religion Foundation objected to it several times.The city of Effingham recently complied with FFRF’s wishes, belatedly realizing how problematic the mural was.“The

Congress, Christian Nationalist judges, and COVID: Dispatches from Mark Dann, FFRF’s rep on Capitol Hill

Congress is back in session. You’d think that the Senate majority’s highest priority would be helping Americans survive the coronavirus pandemic. But its imperious objective instead is to confirm Christian Nationalist judges. As the contagion spreads and Americans die, the federal bench is being sto

Trump’s International Religious Freedom Order shows he doesn’t understand religious freedom

As the world burns and protests mount, President Trump is increasingly turning to religious distractions.He got peaceful citizens tear-gassed so that he could have a photo taken of himself with a bible in front of a church. Then he went to a papal shrine and another church for more awkward photos. A