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FFRF runs ‘godless’ July Fourth ads in Oregon dailies

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is running a patriotic full-page ad in three Oregon dailies celebrating “our Godless Constitution” on Saturday, the Fourth of July.The national state/church watchdog’s ads are being featured in Portland’s daily, The Oregonian (pictured), the Eugene Register-Guard

California church pandemic orders aren’t discriminatory, FFRF brief asserts

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has submitted a brief in solidarity with the state of California in response to churches challenging pandemic social prohibitory measures.“The suit, Gish v. Newsom, says that religious services may not lawfully be restricted,” reports a California TV station. “Th

FFRF seeks info on pandemic aid to churches & Trump’s evangelical advisers

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is expanding its major investigation into the misuse of pandemic federal funds to aid churches and clergy.The state/church watchdog is seeking specific records to help it determine whether the Trump administration is rewarding with taxpayer money the Christian Na

FFRF blasts SCOTUS voucher ruling for imperiling religious liberty

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down an alarming decision today on school voucher programs that imperils true religious liberty, asserts the Freedom From Religion Foundation.“The ruling eviscerates a founding principle of our secular republic — that citizens must not be taxed to support religion, incl

Mississippi’s new flag to swap one divisive symbol for another

The Freedom From Religion Foundation commends Mississippi lawmakers for finally taking action to remove the racist Confederate Battle Flag from the state flag. Mississippi’s flag was indefensible when it was created in 1894 — an unconscionable affront and threat to Black Americans.Voters will eventu