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46 years post-Roe, right to choice remains under attack

Forty-six years ago today, on Jan. 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling, Roe v. Wade, affirming the constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. Since Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court last October, replacing pro-choice Justice Anthony Kennedy, a post-Roe world has bec

Newly elected Okla. governor disregards Constitution with religious event

Newly inaugurated Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has not even been in office one week — and yet has already violated the Constitution he took an oath to uphold. Multiple concerned Oklahomans alerted the Freedom From Religion Foundation that the day after his inauguration, Stitt and his wife attended an I

Calif. school board yields — finally — to Constitution, FFRF

The praying, proselytizing and bible-reading school board in Chino Valley (Calif.) voted to respect the First Amendment and minority rights by not appealing a major Freedom From Religion Foundation victory to the U.S. Supreme Court.FFRF, with 22 local parents, students and employees of the Chino Val

FFRF’s Ron Reagan ad returns to ‘Maddow’ & ‘Colbert’

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad featuring Ron Reagan, self-described as “an unabashed atheist, not afraid of burning in hell,” will begin airing again on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” next week. The spirited spot will air four times a week Monday through Thursday starting Jan. 21 until

Steven Pinker endorses FFRF in new TV ad to air on Colbert

In a new TV ad campaign, Enlightenment Now author Steven Pinker urges viewers to join the Freedom From Religion Foundation in its fight to prevent religion from creeping into the U.S. government. Pinker has served as FFRF’s first honorary president since 2013.The ad will make its television debut on

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