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FFRF to Virginia school district: Don’t let Jesus take the wheel

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is condemning a Virginia school district for promoting religion on its school vehicles.The state-church watchdog is expressing disappointment that Lee County Schools has decided to place the theocratic phrase “In God We Trust” on every school bus in the district.

FFRF raises red flag over Tenn. department’s religious video

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is objecting on constitutional grounds to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services endorsement of religion.A concerned Tennessee resident who went through training to become a foster parent reported that the Department of Children’s Services require

FFRF condemns biblical justification of immigration policy

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is formally objecting to the attorney general’s use of the bible as justification for the Trump administration’s newly draconian immigration procedures.“Religion has no place in shaping public policy in our secular nation,” FFRF Co-Presidents Dan Barker and Annie

FFRF wins Bill of Rights court case against Texas Gov. Abbott

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has triumphed in federal court against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who had ordered in 2015 the removal of its winter solstice Bill of Rights Nativity from the state Capitol.In a final judgement, issued late yesterday (Tuesday, June 19), U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks

FFRF attorney debunks lordly argument in constitutional journal

The Freedom From Religion Foundation advocates for our Constitution every day. It is, as we regularly point out, a godless Constitution. But every now and then, we encounter theocrats or Christian nationalists who thinks they’ve found a savvy rejoinder: God is in the Constitution. What they intend t

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FFRF Newsbite: good news about our lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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