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FFRF requests South Dakota rescind official state endorsement of the bible

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is urging South Dakota to rescind permission to print the official state seal on bibles.Many South Dakota state legislators recently received bibles emblazoned with the seal of the state of South Dakota on the cover. These bibles were apparently produced by Capit

Arizona House still disparaging nonreligious legislators, FFRF responds

A brave freethinking Arizona state legislator has again been insulted in the House — and the Freedom From Religion Foundation is proud to once more come to her defense.On Feb. 11, state Rep. Athena Salman delivered an invocation that included a call to reflect on the complexity of the natural world:

FFRF condemns bias against Muslim death row inmate at execution

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is insisting that Alabama amend its execution protocol favoring Christians after a Muslim inmate was denied the right to have his imam present at his execution.As the policy privileges Christian inmates above all others, FFRF is requesting that the Alabama Joint

FFRF seeks to sustain free speech victory against Abbott

A historic triumph for free speech — especially for nonbelievers — in the Lone Star State is being defended in appeals court.The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed its brief in the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to sustain its win last year in federal court against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’

FFRF co-sponsors freethinking women of color’s unique October gathering

Black History Month is a fitting time to call attention to a unique upcoming conference that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is proudly co-sponsoring.The Women of Color Beyond Belief Conference, scheduled for Oct. 4-6 at the Marriott Midway Hotel in Chicago, will be the first national secular f

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