Religious Field Trips

Public schools should never use religious themed destinations for student field trips.

Creationism and Intelligent Design destinations are based on religious belief and not legitimate science.

Religious themed field trip destinations can include:


  • Religious Monuments and Shrines
  • Trips to Holiday Events hosted at Churches
  • Museums and Zoos based on Creationism
  • Cave Tours that add Creationism
  • Fishing trips organized by Churches
  • Weekend retreats to religious centered camp grounds.
  • Trips to private Christian schools for evangelizing events.


Examples in Georgia



Camp Sunrise

Fairmount, Georgia

Christian creationism camp and museum.



Georgia Guidestones

Elberton, Georgia

Religious Monument



North Georgia Christian Camp

Clarkesville, Georgia

Christian camp supported by over thirty local churches.



North Georgia Zoo

Cleveland, Georgia

Christian creationism zoo and events.



Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Easter Sunrise Service & Christmas Events



This is only a partial list of examples in Georgia.  If you are aware of other fieldtrip destinations that violate the constitutional separation of State and Church, please let us know!

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Examples Outside of Georgia


Ark Encounter

Williamstown, Kentucky

Christian creationism museum and events.



Creation Museum

Petersburg, Kentucky

Christian creationism museum and events.



Indiana Caverns

Corydon, Indiana

Christian creationism embedded in tour video, lobby, and gift shop materials.




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